Talon's Reach

Largest town in The Talon.
A rough frontier town that was decaying but now seeing a resurgence as boomtown with gold discovered nearby. Crossroads between the populous, civilized, southern kingdoms and the rugged northern lands. The Church of the First Purification is gaining influence. Converting townsfolk and buying up many estates with the intent to build a cathedral.

Governed by:
First Select – Mayor
The Reeve – R.J.C. Fattenfoosh
The Bailiff – town sheriff
The Factor – deputy [[zNPC:Knuckles]]
Clerk of Services – zNPC: Bigglesworth
Port Master – zNPC: Filick

Notable Locations & NPCs:
  • The best (only) inn, The Cheap Old Dirty Hag
  • The old and new quays – zNPC: Filick is the Port Master & Grish does the heavy lifting
  • The Tanneries – zNPC: Fingers works here
  • The Church and graveyard
  • The Specke estate (Church owned)
  • Ruined tower of Sir Randolf of York (Church owned)
  • Apothecary – Mortas Has a Pestle, “Herbals, Extracts, and Tinctures” owned by Rigor of Mortas
  • Tailor – Kravitz Haberdashery, “Darnings, Seams, and Stitches” owned by zNPC: Kravitz of Landovia
  • Fishmonger – zNPC: Hali Ut from the far south and faithful of the Great Muhat
  • Researcher – Professor Emer I. Tus “Purveyor of Prestigitations and Portents”, “Preceptor to Potentate’s, Princes, and otherwise notables”. His assistant is the scholar, Igor N. Amus.
  • Tinker – Ol’ Joe who makes his rounds through the wilderness around town. Mule is Joe’s companion of many years and seemingly more than a simple mule.

Phillip. Without a head, he is quite dead.
The Great Mage Zeraster. He is now in the hereafter.
Thomas of Gent who’s head got a dent, thus his life was spent.
Mary of Zots. She died of the spots.
Marques de Larc. Bit in two by a shark.
Sir Randolf of York died after a battle with a Fork.
Otto Luck. Found dead after his head was struck.
Yeoman East. He was eaten by a beast.
Tanner Sprat. He fell into a vat.
Goodwife Spicken. She died after a bite of chicken. Always remember to cook pork and poultry thoroughly.
Little Jonas. He went to collect some eggs. They found him without any legs.

Talon's Reach

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