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  • The Ancient Ones

    [[File:416262 | class=media-item-align-left | ancients.jpg]] When all was not there was no before or after. Before the ago there was just Ga. Ga bespoke, in the way gods speak, thus it had to be and things were. Ga set about to create above and …

  • Home Page

    h4. 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign p. _Master work of scribbles and random babbling about mythic lands, lore, gay pirates and imitation crab meat._ p. Look now and know. We mortals like to blame the gods. Its from they we say that …

  • Main Page

    *WORLD OF ANSTRADUS* * [[Anstradus Cosmology]] * [[The Great Sundering]] *GEOGRAPHY* *[[Untamed Lands]]* - frontier free towns and independent tribes of humans and other races. * [[The Talon | The Talon]] and the towns of [[Talon's Reach | Talon's …

  • Anstradus Cosmology

    Anstradus has two moons referred to as the Twin Sisters. One is white and one is green. When both are in eclipse, the event is named The Eye of All Knowing. The planet orbits a sun, Helia, and a full year is referred to as Anstradus' Stride or simply …

  • The Talon

    A frontier region of the world of Anstradus. Part of the [[Untamed Lands]] that borders the kingdoms of the [[Settled Lands]] to the south and the wild lands of [[Skellefnar]] to the north-east. *Notable Locations* * The town of [[Talon's Reach]] …

  • Talon's Reach

    Largest town in [[The Talon]]. A rough frontier town that was decaying but now seeing a resurgence as boomtown with gold discovered nearby. Crossroads between the populous, civilized, southern kingdoms and the rugged northern lands. The [[Church of …

  • Ice Sea

    Connects [[The Talon]] to [[Skellekfnar]] in the north-east for trade. Freezes over in the depth of winter and any travel is then restricted to a long and hazardous overland route.

  • Settled Lands

    Southern kingdoms - densely populated, predominantly human, and most are ruled by the [[Church of the First Purification]]. * [[The Pontificate | The Pontificate]] * [[Landovia]] * [[Illyrian Confederacy]] * [[Thrace]]

  • The Great Sundering

    An ancient war that united the kingdoms against a demonic host invading Anstradus. The climactic battle left a great rift in the land north of [[Talon's Reach | Talon's Reach]] and split the moons themselves.