Anstradus Cosmology

Anstradus has two moons referred to as the Twin Sisters. One is white and one is green. When both are in eclipse, the event is named The Eye of All Knowing.

The planet orbits a sun, Helia, and a full year is referred to as Anstradus’ Stride or simply a Stride.

Seasons (among the tribes):
Grog’s elders watch the Sun Sister and know she gives life and takes life. So they count the seasons by the Rabbit (spring) Bear (summer) Fox (fall) Wolf (winter). At the end of each counting Ugnog joins with the great clan to feast, trade, and tell tales. Where Grog’s culture has come into contact with others something like the following might occur: Rabbit’s Joy (spring), the Bear of Summer etc. and so on…

Celestial Bodies
Helia – the sun
Zuna – one of Anstradus’ twin moons
Foshi – one of Anstradus’ twin moons
Liphine Lights – name for distant stars

Anstradus Cosmology

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