A massive half-orc barbarian with a quiet temper


Physical – 6’6" tall, weighing 225lbs, light green skin, eyes of coal

Personality Traits – I am incredibly slow to trust. Those who seem the fairest often had the most to hide.

Ideal – Freedom – Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who forge them.

Bond – Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.

Flaw – If there’s a plan, I’ll forget it. If I don’t forget it, I will ignore it.


Born in the mountains of the North, Tolgrim’s village was destroyed by a massive rockslide when he was 14 years old. Despite his best efforts to save his family, his parents and closest friends were killed, leaving him and the few survivors to fend for themselves. He blamed himself for their loss, living with the guilt of surviving a natural disaster. While fleeing his former village, he was taken prisoner by a group of bandits and pressed into manual labor in order to earn his meals for the day. His fellow villagers found it difficult to meet the demands of their captors and one-by-one they were executed or left to die. Tolgrim’s size was his major asset and he quickly became noticed as he got older. He grew exponentially, as if some sort of magic had been placed on him. By the time he was 16, he was 6’2" and weighed 200lbs. The leader of the bandits, Golesh, saw his potential and wanted to train him how to fight. At first he refused, but after days of lashings and starvation, he gave in and agreed to learn. Fighting came naturally and as he trained, his physique made him intimidating. Golesh decided that with Tolgrim gaining strength and skills, other people’s treasure was ripe for the taking. In the early years, Tolgrim would intimidate weary travelers to hand over their money and possessions. As he got older and more fierce, Golesh started ordering the bandits to loot small villages. Tolgrim found the plundering rewarding as he discovered the ease of taking what he wanted from whomever he wanted. He quickly moved up the ranks and became Golesh’s enforcer. Tolgrim became a trusted member of the group and was often introduced to many members of the seedy underbelly of the lands. Tolgrim continued to gain the respect of the underground after leading numerous raids against rival clans. Eventually Golesh’s greed became insatiable. Things changed when he ordered Tolgrim to raid the town of Alderian, a peaceful farming town that Golesh believed housed the golden staff, which was believed to give the owner endless riches. Tolgrim was ordered to massacre everyone and burn the town to the ground. When he refused, Golesh plunged a sword into his stomach. Left to die, Tolgrim blacked out…


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