A not quite right warrior


6’ 180lbs
Personality Trait: I have a crude sense of humor
Ideal: When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a new kind of tyranny.
Bond: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Flaw: …apathy? (Not sure, nothing seemed overly appealing in the book)


Tall, slender male with reddish brown hair. Appears human with slender features.

Well traveled and often covered in road dust, gives a Recke a disheveled and half hearted appearance especially when combined with the patchy beard. Most people give a bit of a wide berth for fear of mange or some other malady. He does bathe and cleans, just spends more time on the road and camping than in inns. He has some minor scarring on his face from his brief stint as a mercenary.

He was sent away as a bastard when he was in his teens as offspring from his mother having had a regretful fling backstage with her favorite passing bard. He worked odd jobs to put a leaky roof over his head. When he was old enough he tried enlisting in mercenary companies. He served in a campaign or two where he learned the about the pointy end of the sword. Recke eventually grew tired of taking orders and the constant hazing so he finished his contract and went elsewhere with his pay. Couldn’t stand the thought of working private security for nobles or merchants so he became self employed as a bounty hunter. He prefers the “dead or alive” not because he enjoys killing them, but because the corpses usually yell and scream less while being hauled back plus if they are wanted that bad, the pay is usually the best. He doesn’t make much but he only takes orders he wants to take, plus he feels like he is doing some good by bringing in persons that are a threat. He passes on bounties he feels aren’t justified. Because of this he doesn’t have the best reputations with many guards as they don’t quite trust him.


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