Magnar Thunderhead

Half-blood outcast among the Northmen and the Orcs alike, Magnar follows the calling of the Storm King. A great tempest will soon sweep the lands of Anstradus.


Born to a half-orc family in the mountains of the north. They scrounged a living among the Northmen of the fjords, almost as low in station as thralls, for monstrous halfbreeds are barely accepted among men. Magnar’s quick temper and glowering disposition got him into many brawls as a youth and earned him the name “Thunderhead”.

Magnar served as labor in town, rowed longships, and similar work ever disgruntled. He felt most alive when storms crashed down from the mountains or roared in from the sea, drowning out everything in their fury. During one such storm, Magnar simply walked out into the gale, leaving his hovel and meager possessions behind.

He wandered the hills and mountains for a few Strides and lived among true orcs of the Shanka. The orcs were more accepting as long as Magnar held his own in their clashes with rival tribes, but still he was an outsider. He enjoyed their life among the rivers and woods of the mountains far more than the stinking and filthy towns of men. Yet, he had little in common with most of his orc kin who seemed small minded in scope to Magnar. They considered little of the long-term or of the greater world around them save a few like the shaman, Urlok, who had traveled in his youth and was also considered odd by most of the tribe; though his magics and his visions made him respected and valuable.

Urlok taught Magnar of the powers that flow through earth, sea, and sky and how they can be called upon and communicated with. Magnar also learned the language of the giants for Urlok claimed that they still live in the High Places and had been his own teachers.

During one of their vision quests in Urlok’s yurt, Magnar received knowledge of a great tempest engulfing all of Anstradus. All of its peoples would be swept away. Unless something could bring them together. He travels now to the Reach to spread the word of Vihar, the Storm King, and find others who stand ready to weather the coming storm.

Ready to serve:

Personality Trait: Driven by wanderlust.
Ideal: Change – Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it.
Bond: Visions of a coming disaster.
Flaw: There is no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest!


A cleric of the Storm King:

A Storm Cult among the Northmen dedicated to his aspect as the Wolf of Winter:

A Stormlord (high cleric) at war:
Sigmar_at_Blackfire_Pass.PNGMagnar Thunderhead

All who sail the seas know to make offerings to the Shipbreaker for safe passage:

A celestial servant of the Storm King sent to exact his will on the mortal world:

Magnar Thunderhead

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