Holgar Balamorg the 48th

Half crazed Cleric and sometimes Fighter. Collector of chamber pots and other things magical. other things magical. Fears the evil halfling mastermind.



Sometimes young, sometimes old, different colors of skin and hair. I have all four limbs at the moment and eyes with no facial scaring.


I am the keeper of unknown. Holder of the magical chamber pot. Forbidden knowledge and ancient ways are my calling.

My forebears suffered deaths by decapitation, suffocation, electrocution, immolation, disintegration and many other horrific ends. We have ventured through Tombs, Mountains, Caverns, Halls and Temples. I live on to serve yet again.

I am and always will be a Holgar of the Balamorgs.
“Blood and Souls”

Holgar Balamorg the 48th

Above and Below croaker